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Independent Investigation

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Schedule of Important Dates

Oct 15, 2009- Introduction to parents of Independent Investigation model and samples

Oct 19, 2009- Introduction to students of Independent Investigation model and samples;            assignment: Interest Survey

Oct 23, 2009 - Discussion of Interest survey; begin development of ideas

Oct 26, 2009- presentation to students on possible sources of audiences and mentors

Oct 23- December 2009- formation of ideas; our goal is for every student to have an idea (topic, product, mentor, audience) in place by this date.

Nov 3, 2009- discussion of the "research" component of the II project

Dec 2009- April 2010- conduct research, meet with mentor, begin to assemble product

April 23, 2009- Independent Investigation Showcase- ALL 8th grade students MUST attend. families, friends, and mentors are welcome! PEGASUS Center 6:30-9 PM



Click on these links to access handouts related to the Independent Investigation:

Basic requirements/suggested time schedule

Management Plan

Research Log

List of 2009-2010 Independent Investigations in progress.

(A student's name is added to this list once his/her parents have signed off on the management plan.)

(Email Mr. Danielian at if you or someone you know can act as a mentor or offer resources or assistance related to these projects.)

Susan B. - Wind Turbines as an option for Seekonk, MA

John D. - Young adult novel - fantasy genre. **Looking for a writer to act as mentor1

Stephen J. - Web site for the Holy Ghost church, Pawtucket, RI

Deena K. - developing a workshop on canoeing for Girl scout Troop #41 **Looking for more scout/youth groups interested in the workshop